Hi there!290dac8

This is Hazal. Welcome to my “notebook“.

I am a 27 years old textile chemist who is currently living in one of the most beautiful states, NY.

I write this blog to break down the “Chemistry is boring. It is too hard, I cannot understand” stereotype .

I have always loved science and fashion, which is kind of an interesting combination! People always think that you are either in an applied science or in a more social field, such as fashion (or even art). However this is wrong!!

I studied Chemistry in college. It was tough, it was challenging, it made me almost cry some days. However, at the same time, it was so fun to start understanding the operation systems behind everything. After college, I decided to combine the two zeals of mine, fashion and chemistry; and decided to go to the graduate school for Textiles and Fashion.

The main purpose of this notebook is to show you the relationship between chemistry and clothing! I will share my knowledge through my class notes, personal notes and some inspirational information I have been gathering. You will find some notes about some other fields, such as psychology, marketing and leadership (these are also the fields that I enjoy reading about).

I also like taking notes (surprised!), painting, traveling and taking photos.

Hope this blog helps or inspires someone somehow.

Happy exploring!